Repair and maintenance of Audi multitronic®01J.

Continuously variable automatic transmission multitronic 01J.
We conduct repairs, maintenance or replacement of your CVT system with differential by Audi in our modern service center for automatic and manual transmission. Furthermore, we offer reasonably priced replacement parts like disc sets, seal kits and other transmission parts for the multitronic automatic transmission.

Diagnostics and maintenance know-how
Many years of tending to Audi multitronic continuously variable transmission have provided us with expert knowledge in this particular field. Thanks to our experience and supported by advanced programming diagnostics software, we have acquired profound expertise concerning multitronic-related problems. In case of transmission failures with symptoms such as bucking and juddering when starting the engine, reduced transmission of power at slopes and many more, we will help you reliably and fast.
You can rely on our experience and handling of modern technical equipment.

We will help you fast and reasonably priced. That also applies to the delivery and return of your multitronic continuously variable transmission. Please see our transportation offer for further information. If you prefer bringing your car to our shop we will assemble and dissemble the transmission in our service center.

We offer a two-year warranty for all gearbox repairs conducted in our service center.